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15 sep Bangladeshi worker process the Cattle penises are processed at Hazaribagh tannery area on September 15, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladesh exports cattle penis to China, South Korea, Thailand and Japan where the penises are used to make soup. In Jamaica, bull penis is stewed with rum, bananas and peppers to create a delicacy called cow cod soup, said to be an aphrodisiac; there are similar. 19 Apr Actually, just cook your own food and stop being a lazy ass. If Catherine Becker's husband had thought twice before eating the tofu soup she made him that later. Bulls penis – China A traditional aphrodesiac – for obvious reasons – bulls penis is eaten in various parts of the Far East. It was revealed last year that Chinas Olympic athletes even requested bulls penis soup on their weekly menus. Whether this contributed to their record haul of 51 gold medals, well never know. Jan 02,  · It is a soup made from the Penis of the bull. Bull Penis Soup (yardie Style Philippines eating Soup No. 5 Butt and Balls of Cow soup. Cow cod soup is a traditional dish in Jamaican cuisine that is considered an aphrodisiac and made with bull penis (or "cod"). It is traditionally cooked with bananas Main ingredients: Bull penis, bananas, scotch bonnet peppers, broth (white rum). Jan 02,  · Okay, Jamaica has long discovered the secret to fertility and virility. Cow Cod Soup has long been thought of as an Aphrodisiac. It contains the cod or Author: TimeToEatMon.

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